Environmental Assessment

According to Brazilian environmental laws, the individuals or corporations whose actions can bring harm to people’s health, or may result in the death of animals, the destruction of plants, or in changes made to the natural properties of the air, the soil, or the water (surface or groundwater), will be held civil and criminally responsible.

When it’s done at the right time and in the right way, environmental assessment represents a prevention tool of major importance to companies that are interested in assessing their compliance with existing legal requirements, or to those that are being restructured so as to meet the environmental demands of new markets, or those being deactivated.

What would be the main advantages of performing an environmental assessment?

-verify whether or not company activities are harmful to the environment or the people’s health;
-determine the simplest way to know if there is a potential impact on the soil and groundwater that if neglected could reach proportions liable to render the whole business unfeasible, and how to control it;
-prevent environment issues from damaging the image of the company;
-to appraise environment liabilities that may be registered into financial balances and reports, or may be relevant factors in the acquisitions, sale or merger of businesses or real estate.