February 2017

We come back now, holding an experience of up to 25 years in environmental projects and a bag full of persistence, patience and satisfaction.

In the midst of an already consolidated market, we continue with the challenges similar to those of the early ASA, permeated by the global and local political / economic context, with all the transformations and challenges that present themselves.

After more than 650 projects carried out as a team, we can say that we started to identify the returns of effort and investment, especially personnel, deposited in this endeavor. Recognition is the first value we highlight in this process and that we are satisfied to express, especially for our employees, suppliers and customers.

Trust is the second value that makes us proud, that moves us daily, and for which we will seek for the goal of improving performance in every way: human, economic and social. And gratitude to the whole chain that recharges us with these values, is the third feeling, which concludes this reflection. The challenge remains great, but we are maturing and energized to plan, act, face, improve and evolve.